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asked 3 years ago

My husband and I are looking at buying a new construction home due to be complete mid july.  To make a long story short we were offered many incentives to go with their preferred lender instead the loan officer I normaly use.  I’ve been in contact with the lender and am already not happy with the rate that they are offering, and just how they are handling things in general.  We can not afford to not take advantage of the incentives.  My question is how fast can I refi after closing?  Another question I have is that we were offered a large incentive for closing costs which more then covers those costs plus some.  The preferred lender wants to use the extra to buy down the interest, or put into an escrow account.  If its used to buy down the interest that money would be lost when I do a refi, right?  Any help would be greatly appriciated Thanks! 

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