Pre-approved for Amex: PRG, ED, and Plat?

QuestionsPre-approved for Amex: PRG, ED, and Plat?
asked 4 years ago

Hey all,


I recently went to Amex’s pre-approval site for the heck of it and noticed it didnt give me their “sorry we couldnt match you to a card but here are some you may be interested in” message like it normally does. Instead it said “Hello. based on your interests we reccomend the following cards for you”. Does this mean i actually got pre-approved for all 3 cards or did they change their denial message? 


My credit score currently is probably not even 600. I lost my job recently and had to sustain my income with my credit cards for awhile. Im employed again and will be paying all of them off agressively over the next couple months.


Would appreciate some insight on this!

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