Possible Medical Collection???

QuestionsPossible Medical Collection???
Ervin Whitehead asked 4 years ago

Hey all, 


My fiance just received a notice in the mail stating that a medical bill from December ’14 has gone to collection, and she has 30 days to validate the debt otherwise the collection agency will determine the debt to be valid.  She believes she paid the original bill over the phone in January, and somehow the transaction didnt go through.  Would anyone have any info on how to handle this?  


I’m thinking first thing tomorrow, we contact the doctors office and pay the bill.. its only around $ 200, and I think its sort of weird she never got a delinquent notice before it went to collections… OR should we contact the collection agency and dispute?  Or pay?  Anything that would help ensure her credit stays intact, if possible.


She has near perfect credit (740-750s) with no negative marks, and is pretty freaked out that her credit score will be damamged for the next few years over something so small as a $ 200 medical bill, especially one that was *only* 2-3 months overdue.


Any info is greatly appreciated.  


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