Portfolio Recovery are they reporting this right

QuestionsPortfolio Recovery are they reporting this right
Kassie Beattie asked 6 years ago

I thought they could not report like this, correct me if I am wrong, its a charge off CAP one is reporting $ 0 balance sold to PFR in collections

Also cap one sent me a letter saying the balance at  the time of charge off is 429.24 now when I called they did say 672, which is the collection amount aswell, BUT can I challenge this, the LETTER says 429.24. I called EQ to get the disputes comments removed, I got confirmation they were, but just now got a alert that the comments were put back smh, from my understanding I have to have the dispute comments gone to get a home loan, I’m almost ready to throw in the towel, they will not PFD either, its my fault but I hate these ppl 


Thanks for your help


  1. At Least 120 Days Or More Than Four Payments Past Due

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