Please help!!!!

QuestionsPlease help!!!!
asked 4 years ago

I have a COed acct on my CRAs for Chase….this was paid last year and never updated…I wanted that acct removed. I sent a GW email on Monday….got an email back to call in and speak to someone, I called and the lady said they cannot do courtesy removals… But she can look into the account and see where it needs to be updated and try to help me with anything else. She then said she would be in contact with me again by Friday. Today I received a call and a voicemail from the same lady so I called her back and she said they are still not able to remove the charge off but she updated the account… The original charge off date was April 2009… She is now telling me that the original charge off date is February 2011 !!!! She wouldn’t listen to me when I told her that that it was definitely 2009 not 2011 I received collection calls and it was already on my credit report way before 2011 what can I do about this ?!?! I have no solid proof Smiley Sad I’m so upset right now!

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