Please check your credit card online information often

QuestionsPlease check your credit card online information often
asked 5 years ago

I had my Barclaycard compromised over the weekend, and fortunately caught it the same morning it happened because I check my online card information daily or at least every other day.


I reported it to Barclay immediately over the weekend, but the fraud was several different charges for $ 1,271 to and so it had me pretty upset. 


Worse still, this morning I woke up and saw an additional $ 380 in charges in pending to, which were not mine.


Luckily when I called the Barclay fraud department, they stated the amount this morning was only an attempt and was declined because I had already canceled the card and reported the fraud over the weekend. You can imagine how upset I was at seeing yet more fraud charges this morning after we had shut down the card over the weekend! (lukcily, it was declined, but showing in pending). The other charges actually did go through, but I will not be responsible for them.


This could have been much worse had I not been checking my account daily or every other day. These people had already put through $ 1,271 in charges SUCCESSFULLY and were trying to do hundreds more very quickly.


Barclay says the holds should be removed within 2-3 days at most. I’m relieved that they are acting so quickly on this.


Just wanted to let everyone know to be aware and please check your online accounts as often as is reasonably possible. Please check your HOLDS or PENDING charges section as well – that was the only place these were showing up in because they had just occurred, and if I had only looked at the main Barclay page I would not have seen them.


Hope everyone has a good week and that this doesn’t happen to anyone further. I also hope this information is helpful to someone.

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