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asked 3 years ago

I opened a Penfed account yesterday and applied for a used auto loan and a Penfed promise credit card. They both went into review and then a few hours later I noticed the card was declined and the auto loan approval. My current scores were in the 690’s across the board when they pulled my EQ report. The loan was for 72 months @5.2% Ford 2016 F150 XLT 4×4. I accepted the wrong and bought my new truck yesterday LOL. I read on here from one of our great contributors that the survey they send out if you put on there that you were not happy with the decline application that you might receive a phone call back from a supervisor. I just received the call a few minutes ago from a supervisor and she overturned the denial on the application for the credit card due to the system warning to give me a very high limit due to my income. She overheard it and gave me a starting limit of $ 1,000. She also mentioned that once I have the card a few months she does not see any reason at all why it will not reach the high teens on credit limit. So just so everyone knows it does work if you show your dissatisfaction in their surveys.

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