PC AmEx Blue. More VS Chrome

QuestionsPC AmEx Blue. More VS Chrome
asked 4 years ago

DBF is starting to engage in my rebuild Smiley Happy


Here’s his questions.


1.  Has AmEx Blue.  9% APR.  EX 670’s.  What’s the options here…PC to BCE?  I need to get his UTL. He carries balances. I KNOW. We talked about it.


2. Has Discover More. 9% APR. They’re pushing the IT on him.  Discover really likes his style.  Gets auto CLI often. I don’t know much about the More except it’s 2% on everything. Isn’t that close to the Chrome?  Told him stay with the More if he likes it.




Dillema.  His FICO ain’t what it used to be, hello UTL, and we’ve discussed that. Apparently he has a baddie too!  Late payment on a mortage. Instructed on GW’s. He wants to get more from his AmEx more so than the Disco. However the BCE is at 12%. Would AmEx be persuaded to remain at 9%?


Educate me.

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