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asked 3 years ago

I am at the very end of the cash-out refi process. I am hoping to be closed by June 17th or no later than June 24th. Underwriting asked for a few documents such as an LOE  for a charge-off (which I knew they would need, not sure why the LO or processor didn’t catch that one) and requests for payoffs on June 3rd.. I submitted all docs as requested that day.


Today I recieved an email from the processor asking me to provide a payoff from Midland. When I submitted my docs with the LOE and payoffs last week I included the payoff from Midland, however, the payoff doc was a payment coupon, or the lower portion of the document Midland sent to me in April offering a settlement. I am sure the processor needs something diffirent than a payment coupon but I do not want to speak with Midland to ask for any documents. I am past statue of limitations, it is clearly stated on all correspondence I recieve from Midland, so I do not want to possibly trigger a new DOLA by talking with them, the original DOLA is Dec ’11. The amount is $ 2147 and it is a charge off purchased by Midland. 


The Midland account is being required to be paid by the underwriters, at least that is my impression. I haven’t asked my LO if that is the case though. Is there any avenue I can pursue to get a “payoff” from Midland? If I called them and asked for the payoff how would I ask them to send it to me? I don’t want them to have my email address, street address (though they have that), or any other info regarding contacts. Also, if I tell them I need it now wouldn’t that trigger them to start playing hard ball?


Thanks in advance.

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