Pay for Delete / Open Charge-Offs / 750+ Goal

QuestionsPay for Delete / Open Charge-Offs / 750+ Goal
asked 4 years ago

Hello there, first time visitor and immediate registrant! This may or may not be a combo post – maybe there’s a single simple answer for the whole thing. To help guide your recommendations, I live in San Francisco, California.


I was doing fine (well, 650-ish) until Aug 2014 when I lost my job. After that, one utilities account validly went to collections and I think the rest are still on the original lender’s books but in a charge-off status? I’m not sure how it all works. This is a basic/small spreadsheet I made about a week ago.

    • I’ve since paid my card balance down to 10% of its limit
    • I’ve saved up enough money to pay off this valid collections utility account (AT&T) in full: how would I write a PFD for this?
    • What’s the best way to approach the other red accounts?


    I’d really like to get to 750+ by 12/31/2016 as I’d like to go to get my own apartment and finance graduate school. How reasonable is this goal? Am I okay with this one credit card that I have with its $ 400 limit, or do I need additional cards to beef up my score (observing the 10% balance of limit rule) in addition to catching up on the delinquencies and making payments on time?


    Thanks so much for your help!


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