Pay debt collector or original collector

QuestionsPay debt collector or original collector
asked 2 years ago

I recently found out I have an account in collections through credit karma. It’s a charter bill from over a year ago that I was unaware I still owed after moving. This caused my credit score to go from 730 down to 633. I contacted the collections agency and did not admit to owning the debt but told them I had moved and they admitted that charter had the wrong address on file. She said I could pay it and they would notify charter and the credit bureau but this will still be on my credit as resolved not deleted will it not? I asked if they could delete it if I paid it in full since I was not notified of this. I then called charter and they said I could pay it off to them still and they would notify the debt collector. But I’m still worried this won’t remove it, just mark or we paid. I filed a dispute with Equifax and TransUnion stating that they had the wrong address. 

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