Pay before or after goodwill letter?

QuestionsPay before or after goodwill letter?
DorothyTokZU asked 6 years ago

Currently @ 612 eq / 648 ex / 620 tu


Want to get above 640 on all, then to 700+ on all.


Haven’t had any deliquency in years – bad credit is coming primarily from two old charge-offs:


CHASE CARD  Charged-off  02/2014 (last reported)

COMCAST   In Collections  02/2015 (last reported)


Here’s the thing… I don’t even know how much I owe on these.


My goal is to get them removed from my accounts.


How should I go about this? Should I attempt to pay off both accounts first and then send goodwill letters? Should I offer payment in full in exchange for record deletion?


Who do I even contact? Is there a good contact for Chase or Comcast (Comcast debt has been sold to SOUTHWEST CREDIT SYS according to Equifax).


Really hoping to get these issues fixed as it was from a very brief time of immature deliquency right after college – I now work really hard and make six figures, but sadly have to deal with getting rejected and/or getting bad rates for credit from a stupid year. I’m sure many of you can relate…



Bad Credit Repair – The Truth

Dan Willis replied 6 years ago

Bad Credit Repair – The Truth

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