Paid AFNI collection 5 months ago. THey won’t budge.

QuestionsPaid AFNI collection 5 months ago. THey won’t budge.
asked 4 years ago

I reluctantly paid my AFNI collection for “Dish Network” for $ 172.00  back in March.    My credit reports have all updated to Paid collection.   I had high hopes that AFNI would delete with a goodwill letter, as I have read on here that people have had a lot of success.     I have since March sent about 5 emails, asking for a goodwill delete.  Everyone was denied and they said they only will report it as paid.   I also sent in 3-4 letters with the exact same results.       I changed my goodwill letter twice, I wonder if they track that.    Should I keep sending letters?


Here is my first GW letter


Dear AFNI Recovery Team,

I am writing to you today regarding my account #049 (Dish Network). I am truly hoping you can accept my apologies with the handling of my “Dish” account and provide a “goodwill” adjustment on the reporting of this account to the three credit agencies.

Although when I had my Dish service, I only had functional service about 30% of the time, and several complaints to them never resolved the situation or service.  I realize now that I should have just paid the bill in full and found another TV service provider.   It an attempt to “Do the Right Thing”  I have sent payment in full.  (Several Weeks ago)

Thank you for your consideration,



Typical response…


Afni thanks you for your payment. Accordingly, in the normal course of business, Afni reported that that we have received payment in full of your account, and will report a $ 0 balance.  This reflects the accurate status of this account.  We understand that you are seeking removal of this tradeline from your credit report; however, to remain in good standing with the credit reporting agencies, Afni’s policy is to furnish the accurate status only.

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