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Lazaro Cowen asked 6 years ago

Seems scary… What can you tell me about owner financing? I know that you do have to get a lawyer and have some paper work in line but other than that, I don’t know much about this. In a few more months, we will be ready to search for our first home.  I came across a foreclosure that is owner financing…Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Heartwarming! Mother’s Reaction As Her Son Pays Off Her Mortgage

FlawlessRevelation replied 6 years ago

I hope to do this when I graduate

Fred Moore replied 6 years ago

Mothers are quick to say that their children do to much for them. But how
do you repay a person for giving you the gift of life which has no price

paddyrhcp replied 6 years ago

There is no way to pay back what they have done for you…
But if you can make their life a little better and easier to cope with then
you should… Just like you did… I’m sure she deserves it

Somnusrei replied 6 years ago

You are a beautiful human being. There are gods in mythology who don’t have
an ounce of appreciation or heroism that you displayed in this very video.
Thank you for being an amazing person. And I thank your mother for giving
birth to and raising an amazing man. This is proof that Ethiopia is the
true cradle of civilization, of culture, and of love.

perryrodriguez replied 6 years ago

Well done!

Kendall Ackroyd replied 6 years ago

Good man.

stevoid99 replied 6 years ago

top man, 

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