Open Secured card or PFD small items first?

QuestionsOpen Secured card or PFD small items first?
Eddy Geils asked 4 years ago

I have 3 small debts $ 250 and under that I plan to offer PFD on this month. They are medical so I don’t feel I will have issues PFDing them. However I also planned to open a $ 2500 secured card with NFCU, to start rebuilding. Would it make more sense to wait 30-60 days until those PFD items come off and my scores potentially go up (assuming everything deletes nicely), so that I can app for an unsecured card instead? I know I will not get an unsecured card with my current credit profile. Or would it be better to go ahead and get the secured card, and not app for anything else afterward? The $ 2500 is my emergency savings so I will be holding on to it either way wether it goes to the secured card or not.


Just not sure which is more important. Waiting for the possibility to be approved for unsecured or to start a revolving trade line as soon as possible.



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