Oooh Weee I need a credit mentor…

QuestionsOooh Weee I need a credit mentor…
Rosaura Heredia asked 5 years ago

Hello out there! I am starting this process kind of from scratch because I just need to get it together. I really would like to purchase a home in the near future and I know I need to do a few–ok probably a million things–to be able to do so. I recently did a major credit review with Experian and Transunion (not sure why I didn’t do Equifax at the same time). There were several items that were being reported incorrectly or were not mine at all. A bunch were deleted on each and my score jumped 81 points. So I am currently at the “now what” point. I have two collections that are still showing, one that I plan to pay in full and the other that is a medical bill that just should not be there as I had insurance coverage and was completely unaware of this charge or collection account.


I have two more account thats were closed that I have to figure out to pay and get off if possible…who knows.


Right now my current FICO Scores are EX-591, EQ-576, and TU 546


I have one credit card from a Jewelry store card that I am using 0% of. The CL is $ 500 and I have been told that I should use less than 25% of the limit and pay in full each month. I am wondering if I should apply for a secure card and which one or two are good to start with. I am really wondering where to go from here.


Any help any of you can offer would be greatly, greatly appreciated!


I have set 700 as my goal score (hoping that doesn’t take many, many, many months)


Thank you in advance!!



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