One Step Closer Back From Underwriting With Conditions

QuestionsOne Step Closer Back From Underwriting With Conditions
asked 4 years ago

I am begining to think that this will really happen.This time last year  My loan file came back from underwriting today much quicker than I though it would. The underwriter put 3 or 4 conditions on the loan. Does this mean that as long as I satisfy those conditions that my VA loan is approved?  The conditions are minor things, copy of my earnest money check that cleared the bank, a question about an old address of mine, a question about whether or not I get support help for my grandchildren since I am theirW guardian and they live with me.


It’s so hard not to get everyone’s hopes up and we are planning paint colors, holiday decorations etc in our heads.  My grandchildren have already started their own wish list, a dog, above ground pool, etc.


Keep your fingers crossed for us.


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