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Nidia Esparza asked 6 years ago

Today I got news that my PFD for IC Systems was successful. Experian has already updated, but TU has not. It leaves only Verizon Wireless to be cleaned up. I noticed today on my reports that although in notes it says VZW is a collection account, it is factoring as a late pay. What sort of difference is this going to make if I cannot successfully get a PFD? PFD with Verizon seems next to impossible. I have to wait a couple of weeks before I have the funds to pay off the account anyway. So… am I better off because its reporting as a late pay or worse? The account has been in collection since March 2014. Pay history is empty on the graphs on both MyFico and Experian. Would I have a basis for a dispute with the CRAs since the account is reporting incorrectly? (Revolving/Late Pay instead of a collection) Thanks for any help!

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