Old Mortgage Reporting Twice Ditech/GMAC

QuestionsOld Mortgage Reporting Twice Ditech/GMAC
asked 2 years ago

So my Mortgage foreclosure would be the last thing negative on my report.  I made the last payment a little over 6 years ago. So you would think that it woudl be off my reports next summer.  But no.

So I had GMAC Mortgage which I made last payment June 2011.  A year later I guess GMAC went bankrupt and Ditech tookover.  Never made a payment to Ditech never got any mail from Ditech.  So it foreclosed sometime in 2012.  Final auditors report appeared in June of 2013.  That is when Ditech puts last payment date on my Transunion and Equifax reports.   


But they list me having 225k amount and being late.  GMAC also shows me being late with zero balance.  GMAC is scheduled to come off June 2018.   Ditech May 2020.  Also the house sold for 235k in Auction.  The court records show 249k as the amount owed (I guess they added 24k in fees and penalties).  In any calculation it shouldn’t show 225k owed. 


Should I have late accounts for both Ditech and GMAC when it is the same account. Shoudn’t Ditech come off since I never made a payment to them or at least come off next summer?  When should I call Equifax and Trans Union about this.  


I think this effects me more than the score.  Even though Experian is my lowest score I have never been declined for anything if they pull Experian  even when my score was in low 500s.  I would like to buy a house next summer if I could get it off even one bureau I think my top two scores would be well above 740. 

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