Old judgement- why would they work with me now???

QuestionsOld judgement- why would they work with me now???
Cindy Guffey asked 5 years ago

Hi Everyone,


I have been lurking a lot and am finally getting ready to tackle my debt situation. My father fell on hard times after agreeing to pay for me to go to college in 2004. As a result, one of my tuition bills (about 7k) was never paid. I was on my own and never in a position to pay it, and as a result, I was sued and judgement entered against me. At the time (2008-2011) I did not have any wages to garnish (they tried), however, my bank account was levied. My credit score was terrible for years but now the judgement has fallen off and it’s in the low 600s. After that, I never received any communications about the debt.


I’m finally ready to try and fix this, but I’m mostly worried about waking a sleeping giant. I havent heard from the attorneys in years. I finally got a bank account again and I make enough to live, but I don’t have enough to settle the debt with a lump sum. I will have to make payments. Even then, the payments I would be comfortable making would be less than they would get if they garnished my wages at my new job.


So I’m worried that if I contact the attorney trying to make payments, and they are not satisfied with what I offer, I’ll have poked the bearn and suddenly be back in garnishment/levy.


Someone tell me if this is likely?? I know NJ SOL is 20 years so they are well within their rights to try and collect still.


Thank you for your help. This is a very inspiring place.

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