Old account finally reporting after conditional approval?

QuestionsOld account finally reporting after conditional approval?
Katharina Petre asked 6 years ago

So I applied for an Amex Delta on 5/28/15 and was approved.


at the end of June my wife and I found a house we really liked during a random open house stop, we originally werent planning on shopping until Q4. 

We go to our LO and start the process on 7/2/15

We go through the hoops/loops/doops and what not and get to conditional approval yesterday.


one condition is the traditional LOX sheet for recent inquiries. Easy enough, except that the Amex inquiry is there, but its not on the  credit report and DTI that the lender pulled because Amex JUST reported to the 3 agencies on 8/1/15


My LO is freaking out, and thus stressing me out. I explained that the credit was applied for 6 months ahead of when we initially planned on applying and that we have had a 0 balance post both cycles since it started. She states this may impact my approval and closing date.


What’s going on here? Am I screwed? We were set to close on 8/14.

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