OCWEN MONSTERS – Killing my mortgage pre approval efforts.

QuestionsOCWEN MONSTERS – Killing my mortgage pre approval efforts.
asked 2 years ago

OCWEN . . they are killing me. I have ONE mortgage late . . EVER. It was 12 months ago. I sent in a GW letter to try and get it removed and there began the issues. The first customer service person (from India) told me to fax over a letter to the research deparmtnet. Did that. They said No. I called in to customer service again. THey said NO. Called Ombusdmans office – NO – Almost HELL NO! Then they put this note on all 3 of my bureaus.  I have a note on my credit report that says “Consumer Disputes Account”. My mortgage persons says I must get this off before they will give me a pre-approval . . .

Of course I’ve called them and they deny the whole thing. They say that I must’ve filed a dispute. I did not. They are being a royal pain. Did I mention that they sent me my payment history and it was addressed to someone else? Name address of someone else, but it was MY payment history on the second page. I emailed them about that. . .


Anyone have any experience with Ocwen – this is kliing my attempts to get a mortgage approval, especially after all of the hard work I’ve put in trying to get my credit utilization down and my fico scores up.

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