Not a good day… card declined twice but second time was bad LOL

QuestionsNot a good day… card declined twice but second time was bad LOL
asked 3 years ago

Hello Everyone: 

Today I was at the mall doing a little shopping for my daughters graduation. She is graduating from NYU with a mba next month… very exciting. So im authorized on my husband’s chase freedom card… We rarely use this card. The limit was $ 30,000.. I go to louis vuitton try to make a purchase for 1,700. Of course embrassing the card is declined. I said i bet this is because we havent used it in about a year. So I call right there and sure enough it was fraud and they wanted to make sure and card was ready to go. Swipe again and approved no issues.. Ok but it gets better!!! I go to Saks I make a purchase the total was around $ 2900 approved… ok I then proceed to gucci and the purchase was for $ 1400 DENIED. I told the rep omg this happen at the other store I call and little do we know the rep says “ms your card is fine but you exceed the limit you only have $ 400 available!!!! They lowered the limit to $ 5,000!!! I was furious thank god for amex platinum. So I tell my husband and he logs in and sees not only his freedom was decreased but the shapprie was also to $ 5,000… He got right on the phone and ask for reasoning they said “excessive open credit”… We proceed to close all chase accounts.

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