No CLI with Synchrony? Be patient. It’ll come!

QuestionsNo CLI with Synchrony? Be patient. It’ll come!
asked 4 years ago

If you are frustrated with Synchrony not giving you credit line increases, as hard as it is, you have to be patient.
Up until 3 weeks ago, my Walmart card was $ 250 for 7 months. I was getting super frustrated because I didn’t understand why they were giving everyone else credit line increases and not me. My TransUnion score was 734.
I received an auto credit line increase of a whopping $ 150 lol. I called credit solutions twice before my auto increase and they kept telling me no. I also hit the love button and tried chat. I was getting really frustrated and everyone kept telling me to be patient. Patience is a hard word lol.

So the first increase was $ 150 to $ 400 I then called credit solutions and they gave me $ 3,500. I had actually asked for $ 3,500 so then I called back a week later and ask for $ 5,000 and they countered at $ 4,000. $ 250 to $ 4,000 in about a week is fabulous to me 🙂

I applied for an Amazon card about 2 weeks ago and I immediately called credit solutions after I saw an initial credit limit of $ 1,800. I asked for $ 5000 dollars and they denied me, no counter. Fast forward a week later I had actually received my card in the mail and used it for a $ 14 purchase. I just tried chat. I asked for $ 3,500, and was approved for $ 3,500. Again I feel like I may have left some money behind but I’m going to give it a little bit of time before asking for more. I’m really happy with Synchrony right now though. 🙂 I guess it just takes time.

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