NFCU woes. I messed up, how long should I wait?

QuestionsNFCU woes. I messed up, how long should I wait?
asked 3 years ago

I just recently discovered these forums and boy do I feel like an idiot!!!!


Back in the day, before I knew how important credit was, I once had a NFCU GO Rewards CC. CL of $ 3800 was given when opening. I knew nothing about utilization or credit scores or credit increases. I lived under a rock. I lived on the edge. I paid the…. minimum payment and I definitely maxed out the card. On a good note, I never ever missed a payment and I was never late. My credit report shows perfect payments for the 4 years it was open/active. When the card expired (date on the card) NFCU said they were not going to issue me a replacement and that they were closing my account. Bummer. It ruined my AAoA (didn’t know about that at the time). 

Guess what, that was in 2012 and I’ve been paying the minimum ever since. Matter of fact, my stupid silly self still has a balance of $ 2900 because of interest. What am I doing with my life. Luckily, the comments on the CRA say closed by consumer with no bad marks. Just a high @ss bill to pay. 


Now that I’m little more educated on credit, have the income to repair and have much more sense. I’m READY! 

I’m planning to pay the balance off of NFCU by December. 

I have a few baddies but they are all student loans and tax liens. No other collections. So I’ll have to really put in some work and time. 


In August 2016, I started with Credit Karma FAKO scores of TU: 560 EQ: 588

I had 19 closed accounts, some good with perfect history (i.e paid off NFCU car loan, NFCU secured loan), others bad (i.e. Student Loand charge offs). No accounts open. 3 Hard Inquires for NFCU, x2 Rental Applications.


In September 2016 I apped using the SCT for 2 store cards, low limites of $ 250 on each. I took a HP from Cap1 Platinum Master Card (Unsecured) CL $ 300

So far only 1 of the comenity cards are reporting (showing a $ 0 balance). Once it did, my scores took a plunge:

TU: 535 EQ: 535

— Is this a normal drop? Seems crazy to lose that many points. Or is this just a credit score adjustment because I had no open revolving accounts prior. 

I wonder what my score will look like when the other 2 cards start reporting. I’ve already charged to the max and PIF leaving a 2% utilization for statement cut/reporting.


NFCU is my primary bank. They get my direct deposit and all. When I pay the card off, should I wait to app with them again? Like, should I focus on rebuilding those 3 cards, or should I just app right away?

Any advice to anything I said above would be nice Smiley Happy



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