NFCU re-opening closed past-due CC’s

QuestionsNFCU re-opening closed past-due CC’s
Moses Lahey asked 4 years ago

Hello myFICO. I recently had my NFCU CashRewards and GoRewards(joint) closed due to going more than 60 days past due, I immediately called them when I recieved the letter and they said there was nothing that could be done. However I recieved another phone call today from someone in their Credit Counseling department, and she has told me that as long as I can bring the accounts current before they get to 90 days past due, that she can “most likely” get them re-opened. I wanted to check on here to see what peoples experiences are and make sure they aren’t lying to me. The “most likely” statement had me worried. But at the same time she said that if I could make my payment by X day then she could have them reopened within a few days after. Please help! These account are very important to me and I really hope they aren’t just pulling my leg to squeeze a few more bucks out of me before the charge-off the account.


PS. I have a few capital one cards that are about to charge off

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