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Nidia Esparza asked 4 years ago

Hello everyone,


Was hoping some could shed some light how NFCU looks at members who previously had an overdrawn/charge off account. Back in 2011 I overdrew my checking account and never paid it. Well I am in a position where I would like to do so in order to restablish eligiblity again. Its a small amount of $ 400+. I’ve been told I would qualify for their products again once paid, but I only want to do so to obtain their credit products. Does anyone know if having a prior overdrawn account that was later paid in full be an automatic disqualifer or a denial reason I would expierene going forward with them? This account never appeard anywhere (Chexsystems, Telecheck, CRAs, etc) so I would hate to pay it and not accomplish my goals with them. 


Thanks in advance!

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