NFCU APPROVALS after Chapter 13 discharge ?

QuestionsNFCU APPROVALS after Chapter 13 discharge ?
Maude Flood asked 5 years ago

NFCU is BK friendly based on numerous approvals after BK discharge (and assuming you did not burn them in your BK filing), but I notice that many of those approvals are post Ch 7 discharges.


Has anyone has any experience getting approval for a CC/CLOC after a CH 13 discharge ?


My wife and I filed 6/2010, discharged 9/2015. We boith have been rebuilding and each have about 5 positive tradelines (limits from 3K to 10K per card) – her score is 703 TU (Fico 08). She applied for a Cash Rewards and CLOC , and was denied on both , reason cited per the letters was Bankruptcy. The only baddies on her TU were the CH 13, and a paid Tax lien. Nothing bad since the BK, and she also had a couple positive closed tradelines. Util of 3%. Income of 62.5K per annum.


i am wondering if their is flexibility on NFCU’s part with CH 7’s since a person has to wait 8 years between filing another Ch 7. With a discharged 13 (especially if you were on a 5 year plan) the clock has been ticking sooner, and you can apply for another Ch 7/13 more quickly (I think you can file a 7 after a discharged 13 within  6 years of the Ch 13 filing)


Thoughts ? Data points ?

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