asked 4 years ago

Hey guys.  Been rebuilding seriously for about a year now, really focusing in the last couple of months.  I will post everything about my story here in the next day or so, but have a question in the meantime.  Without knowing the rest of my story… I just got a Secured Discover it card for $ 500 last month, plan on using it for a couple util bills and paying off each month.  My question at this point, is next month I was thinking about adding an additional $ 500 to the discover card OR should I open another secured card, like First National or citi, etc.  I applied for Cap One secured card and they declined (I am planning on calling them Monday, to find out why) -the reason they gave me in the letter was insufficient income, which is a joke.  Thanks folks!  Been looking through these boards and have picked up on a TON of useful info in the past couple weeks.  

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