Newbie Looking For Some Input

QuestionsNewbie Looking For Some Input
asked 3 years ago

Howdy everyone,


Pretty new to all of this, have been reading posts for several months now.  I recently obtained a LendingClub loan to pay off my debt so this is where I stand now.


Fico8 is 649

I have 8 credit cards.  First Premier Card (two of them one opened 10/13 ($ 450 Limit) and the other 6/17 ($ 1000 limit)), a “Verve” card which used to be Continental Finance (Opened 3/2014), Fingerhut (Opened 2/14), First National Credit Card (Opened 5/16 $ 750 limit), Discover IT Card (Secured $ 600 opened 3/2016), a Target Redcard (Opened 1/2018 $ 200 Limit) and lastly a Credit First/Firestone Card ($ 1200 limit opened 9/2017).


Currently, all of these have a zero balance except Fingerhut (owe $ 1300) and the Credit First Firestone Card (Owe $ 1100 with $ 550 from last week with a zero interest 6 month promotion).


So my question is, which of these do I close?  Which should I use as my monthly expense card, while paying it off each month?


I would appreciate any input Smiley Happy


Thanks everyone.



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