Newbie Here taking sugestions.

QuestionsNewbie Here taking sugestions.
Gaston Titsworth asked 4 years ago

Over the years I’ve made numerous mistakes and at some points even paid to try and have my credit fixed.  To make the story short my scores have seen a high of 672 and lows 499. My recent divorce had put some accounts on late early this year. I have a Matco Tools account that has seen up to 120 days late and a couple 30 days late over Capital One and Wells fargo dealer services, they claim that I was late on the last payment for a trade in. I have a Bank of America Credit card since 2012 that shows Charge off for a balance of 491. I have one collection agency for $ 114 but the original creditor was paid already after it showed on the credit report.  I’ve requested the CRA to verify accounts but no luck. I’m kind of stuck…

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