New Year! New Credit Journey!

QuestionsNew Year! New Credit Journey!
Corrine Fifield asked 4 years ago


I am so excited about this year! I have managed to regain employment last year and start working on my credit. Last year in January,  I started with credit scores being in the low to mid 500’s. I restarted MYFICO subscription in July 2016.


My current scores are:


Experian- 654

Transunion- 641

Equifax- 631


My goal is to get to 680 – 700 by February 2018. 


The positive things I have on my report are:


MCU secured credit loan

Opened August 2016

12 month loan

$ 1000

Paid as agreed


MCU secured card (I would like to close this account soon & open another unsecured card) 

Opened May 2015

Paid as agreed

$ 1000


Capital One Platimum 

Opened June 2012

Paid as agreed 

Credit limit: $ 3750 

Just recieved the auto increase on last week of $ 3000.

Credit limit was $ 750

 Smiley Happy



I also have several student loans that are not in repayment since I am in school for my Masters


Below is a list of negative items that are still on my report. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.




Amount Past Due: $ 402

Estimated removal date: 9/2018


ARC Management Group, LLC (Medical Bill)


Amount Past Due: $ 112

Date of 1st Delinquency 2/2012

Estimated removal date: 2/2019


Credit Collection Service (Geico)



Estimated removal date: 9/2019


Barclay (sold to Midland)

Charge off

Date of 1st Delinquency 10/2013

Estimated removal date: 9/2018


Capital One Auto Finance


Settled: 12/2016

Date of 1st Delinquency 09/2013

Estimated removal date: 8/2020


First National Credit Card


Amount Due: $ 415

Date of 1st Delinquency 10/2013

Estimated removal date: 9/2020


Midland Funding LLC


Amount Due: $ 2,636

Date of 1st Delinquency 10/2013

Estimated removal date: 10/2020


New York Federal Court- BK

Estimated removal date: 3/2021


Capital One Bank



Open and current

Last late payment was 1/2016

Estimated late removal date: 2/2023


Capital One Bank


Amount due: $ 414

Date of 1st Delinquency 7/2015

Estimated removal date: 6/2022















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