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Audra Marcantel asked 6 years ago

Hello, I am new to the boards and credit repair. Current scores 692 experian, 703 tu, 632 eq. I think the scores jumped before I joined here as I paid off a revolving credit line from the bank (secured) that only reports to eq, but has not reported as of yet. I opened new cards as well and have been pinging them and paying them off (only past three weeks). I had one derogatory on all three but settled and a week later asked them to take it off my reports, the collection bureau contacted the original source (medical bill from 6 years ago and agreed). So over all I think I got a good start. My goal is 760+, why? No reason other than I have never seen a credit score higher than 603 two years ago and the above as reported from this site and from experian ( paid for three scores). Im curious to see how the 632 goes when the revolving balance goes from 87% to 7% usage. Although, eq is also showing nine queries from my card applications. That may hurt. Cheers :smileyhappy:

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