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Maude Flood asked 5 years ago

So in 2005 i joined the military, and my parents set me up for success. I had one credit card that went back to 1977 that they put me on, i had a sams club card, and i had an Auto loan they helped me get… i was 19 with a roughly 700 credit score. Fast forward a year, and i got married. That was the last time i had good credit. My score bottomed out in the 400’s with somewhere around 20 derogitory accounts. Well i shut down everything, and went to 0 credit cards, and 0 loans. Last year i got divorced and decided it was time to fix all my past mistakes. By this time alot of collections had fallen off and i started challenging the rest. Presently i have 2 secured cards, an auto loan, and was just approved for an unsecured card. That was my first card in almost 10 years. As of now i have a few old late payments and one collection that is set to fall off in July ’16 and one tax lien. Credit score back up to a median of 624. First time over 600 in a long time. Its taken a year to get this far and theres no looking back now.

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