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asked 4 years ago

Hi everyone. Ive been reading the forums for a few days and wanted to introduce myself and get some advice if i may. Recently, i decided i want to buy a house in january when my apartment lease is up. My credit is bad so i spoke to a lender who pulled my credit and told me because of my low score and not enough positive credit lines, they cant do anything for me. He recommended i hire a credit repair company and also open a couple of credit card accounts.  He advised me to only utilize a tank of gas worth of credit and then pay the balance off by the due date. So i contacted the credit repair company. I went into this with high hopes because the lender spoke very highly of this company and said they are amazing. From what ive read on these forums, most of you are disputing baddies yourself but mine is too much for me to handle by myself. I have approximately 35 derogs on my credit report, alot of which i believe are duplicate reports. For example, i see multiple HSBC accts but i only had one acct with them. Anyway, i filed bk in 2003 because i was facing a lawsuit.  Around 2010, i started getting pre-approval offers in the mail so i applied for a cc and was approved. Then i got another and another. I was just so freakin happy to be getting approvals, and i went overboard. I paid really well on all of them for awhile until i went through a separation and had to walk away from those debts.  Then a year after i was living on my own (i should add i have 2 young children to support on very little financial help from their father), i lost my job and was drawing unemployment for 3 months which led to non payment of utility bills which then were reported to the credit bureaus. Anyway, sorry for the long story but this is why i felt like i had to hire a company. My scores currently are TU 540, EX 570 and EQ 617. The credit repair company mailed out 30 something dispute letters on 3/19. Im really crossing my fingers they can help me raise my scores. Ive decided also that anything they cannot remove, i will settle with the CA for a PFD. I want to get my scores up to 670 or so so i can get a mortgage.  Im curious if any of you have used a company to help you dispute derogs and what your experience was.  Also, i need to open a couple credit cards to start establishing a good payment history. Can anyone recommend any good cards to try for?  Im not sure if i want to get an unsecured card for bad credit and just pay the outrageous annual fee or get a secured card and drop 600$ on security deposits. Any advice anyone can give me, id really appreciate. Thank you for reading. 

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