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QuestionsNew member -questions & updates
asked 4 years ago

Just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to everybody who posts their stories, advice etc. I come here daily to read and look for stories similar to mine or any new advice to make my scores and life better. I have been really naive for the past 8 or 9 years and that has stopped since I found this forum. So big thank you. I lost a good job due to the economy back in ’08 and had a lot of baddies. Most have fallen off my reports. I recently sent off disputes/validations to EX and TU (havent done EQ yet -from reading here I’m under the impression they are more difficult.) I had a public record of a judgement from 2011 and found out today EX has deleted it. Waiting on TU report. EQ doesnt show the public record. EX also deleted an old Barclays negative account. Feeling good about those 2 off the EX report. There only 3 left on EX now and was hoping for some guidance. One is for AD ASTRA for an old payday loan. It went in to collection on 3/2012 and I got served. I immediately made contact and set up some payments and paid in full right away( I would say it was probably paid in full by 6/2012). It is being reported as paid and closed. It shows on my report as Collection on 3/2012 and every month after that until 2/2017 says ND. 3/2017 lists on report as CLS. Would this account being costing me alot of points or at this point is it minimal damage? Would it be worth a GW letter and if so anybody have any contacts to send it to? The 2nd baddie is an old Sping leaf loan. DOFD is 9/2010. It is listed as closed and written off and hasnt been reported since 6/2013. How much impact would this have on my score? Guessing at this point just wait for it to fall off? EX did not delete, they just updated according to my dispute report. Final baddie is $ 400 colelction for Cox from IC Systems from 2015. I will be paying that off this week or next. They will not PFD so I’m just hoping I pay and it just goes away on it own. How many points would a collection like this cost me? Very interested to see what TU dispute report comes back with. Btw currently my scores are TU 622 (up 11 points from last week) EQ 628 (up 10 points from last week  EX  594? seen it on a credit denial but prior to public record and barclays being removed from report so not certain if I should expect any significant change. Average age of account is 2 yrs 8 months with oldest being 11 years. No lates in 1 1/2 years. Currently have 5 small unsecured cards for rebuiling(all $ 500 or less credit) (3 with Cap1 , 1 with Credit1 and 1 Continental Finance) -new car loan in 1/2017 @13.9%  and a 3k installment loan with Lending Club and a Kay credit account since 9/2016 (no interest for 12 months) with $ 1028 to go in payments. Thank you for taking the time to read and any advice or comments are welcome.

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