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QuestionsNew member needing advice
asked 4 years ago

Hi – I’m debating on calling the 3 CB for an early deletion request. From what I’ve been able to gather on past posts is TU seems to be the CB I should start with and then EX and EQ (in that order). 


My first question is: Do I send in the request via certified mail or request by telephone? I’m slightly apprehensive to request by phone as I will not have a hard copy confirmation to keep from the CB as a record of the “promised” deletion. 


My second question(s) is: By credit burea, what is the timeline for early deletion? Some posts say 6 months, others say 2-3 or even 30 days within the posted deletion date. 

TU – 6 months? EX 2-3 months? EQ 30 days? Also, TU is pretty transparent and posts deletion dates on the CR, but I’ve not found it on my EX or EQ CR. Where do I find deletion dates on EX and EQ CR?


My third question is: How should I go about multiple items I want to request? I have baddies due to drop this year. The bulk of items is dated Summer 2015. If I go by the TU suggested timeline, I am within 6 months up thru end of year. But if I go by the suggested EX and EQ timeline its thru late spring, early summer. 


Any advice is greatly appreciated. 


Thank you so much! 

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