New here. Disputing Repossession Help

QuestionsNew here. Disputing Repossession Help
asked 2 years ago

Hi All, New here…though I’ve been lurking for the past couple months on here and creditboards. Hoping someone could help me out on this one.


So I talked to a mortgage person today as the fiance and I are wanting to buy a house. I’ve got some stuff on there still as you know from my previous posts but just wanted to see what we could do as far as FHA or USDA or something. Just had a baby and we’re tired of renting and throwing money away. 


He informed me that if I was to get this repossession off of my credit report, then we could be approved. How would one dispute this? I’m afraid to wake the sleeping gian, should I call and see if they will settle? I’m unsure of how SOL works on repossessions and I have lived in 3 different states. So here’s the rundown, if any of you would be so kind to help me and explain it. 


Reporting on all 3 as closed. and Repossession


Credit Acceptance

6/1/2013 (but showing 6/28/13 on TU)

Balance is $ 6405.00



I got the car when I lived in Tennessee, moved and was repossessed in Massachusetts. Now I live in Kentucky for the past two years.


All addressess have been removed from my credit report and am only showing one previous and current. The previous address that is on my reports is not tied to this account.



If I dispute, can they file against me? Should I call and see if they will settle? How should I proceed? I would love to get this taken care of, of course just disputing off would be amazing but if I have to pay it to get a house, I will find a way to do it. We just really want to buy. 

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