New! Help please, don’t know where to begin!!

QuestionsNew! Help please, don’t know where to begin!!
Velva Krouse asked 4 years ago

After a business tanking several years ago, we were unable to keep up with our CCCS payments, and ended up with several COs all in 2014.
Discover #1- $ 3072 , Discover #2- CO-paid, Chase-$ 1000, BoA-$ 460, USAA (looks like now CBCS)-$ 4800
2 Derogatory Marks
Portfolio Recovery (citibank) $ 6906
Receivable Management Sustems $ 99.
With the help of family, we should be able to pay off all soon. Do I start by sending request Pay for Delete letters? Do I contact a credit repair agency? Please help! TIA!

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