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QuestionsNew Card w/ biggest signup
asked 4 years ago

Hi MyFico!

It has been forever since I last posted, but I come in need of advice from you wise people. I have a big purchase coming up next month and I want to use this chance to meet minimum spend on a card. I’m looking for anything with a big signup bonus – what’s the newest and coolest card? Generally speaking, this should be a travel card since I plan to use the points to book flights.

Details: I have had the Barclay Arrival, Chase Sapphire Preferred and Citi Premier (my current travel card). I should be eligible for Barclay again, but not the CSP. My other cards and limits are below. Credit scores are north of 800. Income is about $ 100k. Annual spend on this card will be approximately $ 12k.

Thanks, everyone! Even if you don’t have advice I would love a shoutout from any of my old pals Smiley Happy

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