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Eddy Geils asked 6 years ago

So who here has had a negative balance on a CC? It seems I must have had a little too much to drink last night and double payed my bill lol. It’s my Cap One QS that I overpayed. Does anyone know if they can move that over to my Venture or do they only refund through check? It’s not a big deal either way as I will just use the card in the future anyway so I’m just curious really.

Low Country Kingdom – Credit Card (ft. Barack Obama & Mitt Romney)

Lee Taylor replied 6 years ago
lunasol6 replied 6 years ago

Who’s the ugly troll that clicked Dislike? Obviously they have no
appreciation or the arts. And no sense of humor. And maybe they’re deaf,
because this ish rocks.

fargley001 replied 6 years ago

AK sent me

Steve Johnson replied 6 years ago

Did you also notice it was in fast forward? They had to, because Bush had
our spending under control and so it was moving boringly slowly upward.

Stingray Peterson replied 6 years ago

Woof! This is like Jay-Z meets Smokey Robinson meets James Carville.

Fizz Ed replied 6 years ago

Yeah, except two wars and a few catastrophic tax cuts later and now we’re
in an irreversible quagmire.

Don't Tread replied 6 years ago

Obama is Illuminati – Romney is robot birth certificate that is why I am
voting 4 Michelle Bachmann’s corndog in 2012 LIKE THIS POST IF YOUR LAST

longlivebill replied 6 years ago

AK=Anton Krupicka. He posted this on his blog. Cool tune.

Justin Thudium replied 6 years ago

I went to Penn bitch!

Adam Lampert replied 6 years ago

Awesome! Thanks Tony!

David D replied 6 years ago

very creative

Sarah-Jane Parker replied 6 years ago

It’s the economy stupid- so spend it

Keiona Alexander replied 6 years ago

wow im lovin this video good job who mind put this togother keep up the
good work

nicholasjwang replied 6 years ago

Awesome! Except the national debt clock at 1:29 is about $5,000,000,000,000
(or 4 years) out of date!!!

Hem Wadhar replied 6 years ago

Outstanding video. Love the whole thing.

sikk32 replied 6 years ago

It’ s brilliant. Thanks to AK.

Nick Miccarelli replied 6 years ago

Amazing video. Biden taking off his jacket is hilarious.

Imaru Kush replied 6 years ago

Vote for birdman!! Vicepreseident lilwayne then will will have ~No Worries~

Knicks55555 replied 6 years ago

i got my grand piano

John Draper replied 6 years ago

Awesome Video! Love the song!

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