Need VA lender byt have past SOL debts

QuestionsNeed VA lender byt have past SOL debts
dealpal Staff asked 3 years ago

My credit score isn’t great at the minute but is about to greatly improve. I just nearly paid off my credit cards, seriously only like $ 100 between two of them still owed. I also just paid a treasury debt to the govt for $ 5000 they will remove from my report within 90 days per the DFAS website. I expect y credit score torebound to around a 680-700 when it is all said and done. My only handgup now is that I have past SOL debt from a decade ago, repo’s and stuff of that manor from a past marriage that I had no way of paying and still don’t. I know that VA does not care about the past SOL debts and I know some lenders do not either but some of them do. Does anyone know of a lender that will work with me? I don’t want to deal with a dozen different lenders to add inquries to my credit report.Thank you

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