Need help with First Premier charge off

QuestionsNeed help with First Premier charge off
asked 4 years ago

I’ve been a longtime lurker but finally starting to post.  I have a First Premier Bank question.  My husband has a charge off from late 2012.  SOL is 4 years in my state.  I have done a goodwill letter and a PFD.  They won’t budge.  They sent back a letter with my PFD request stating they won’t do it and it has been sold to Jefferson Capital.  The CA is not showing on my husband’s cr although they have sent him some settlement letters.  However, on his credit reports, First Premier is still showing the full balance.  If they have sold it, don’t they need to report a $ 0 balance?  Is there a way that I can use this to get them to delete the tradeline?


Any help is very much appreciated!

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