Need Help Closing and PCing a Couple Cards

QuestionsNeed Help Closing and PCing a Couple Cards
asked 2 years ago

With the 1.5 through Chase Portal (hate finding award seats) and $ 300 travel credit with CSR, I want the card.


My reports aren’t getting unfrozen for ANYTHING as I am fully committed to garden.  My total available credit will remain the same through combinations and I will actually save on AF’s with the move.  I plan on closing PRG and one of my Ventures this month. 


Because I don’t want any HP’s or new accounts, I have to close Marriott and lose the cert (I always get at least $ 200 for this cert)  so I can combine limits for the 10k min. I did great with low scores and a thin file, getting 5k cards from Chase, but I wish I would have waited because my last Chase approval was 14k+.


Will Chase be ok with these two PC’s?


Close 6.5k Marriott and combine with 5k CSP and PC to 11.5k CSR

PC 2k Amazon to 2k FU



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