Need advice…Wrong to go over MB’s head?

QuestionsNeed advice…Wrong to go over MB’s head?
asked 4 years ago

Well, my mortgage banker has done it again and managed to drag out this process even longer. He was supposed to order the change of my apprasial from an USDA apprasial to a FHA one early this week. Now it’s Friday and still no word from him. I called the apprasial company that did the first one and they that the MB contacted them and the returned a quote to him on Wednesday.

Would it be wrong to go over my MB’s head on this to a manager? He told me last week when we had to make the USDA/FHA switch that he was still pushing hard to close 2nd/3rd week of June.

I’m also thinking about switching lenders, even though I am so late in the game. I guess I could always do the “threaten” to take my business elsewhere, but I really don’t like doing that.

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