Need advice. Thinking about a BT card.

QuestionsNeed advice. Thinking about a BT card.
asked 3 years ago

So I recently lost my job and am starting to build up some debt that I wouldn’t normally carry. Looking for advice about possibly getting a BT card to transfer some debt to a 0 apr card to give me some wiggle room and not rack up interest. Below is a list of my cards and usage.

BCE – $ 0/$ 4,000
PRG – $ 0/ NPSL
QS1 – $ 255/$ 500 (waiting for credit steps, I’m on 6th statement)
FU – $ 716/$ 3,000
CSP – $ 838/$ 7,000
CSR – $ 3,900/$ 10,000

I’d like to BT the balance on my CSR as I can’t pay it all off at the moment. I made a big scheduled purchase right before I lost my job and that is the reason for the high balance. The other cards I’m not too worried about, I will pay them all off very soon as they’re not as high. I have 130,000 UR points and I’m leaning towards using them as cash back on my CSR. I know know, I can get a lot more with travel but it would not be the smartest thing for me to hold on to those when I can erase $ 1,300 debt right now. If I did that it would put my CSR balance around $ 2,600. Any advice on a course of action would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully my story can serve as a reminder to others about not getting into trouble as I did, although I obviously wasn’t planning on losing my job.

Btw my scores are all hovering around 703-705. I was at 740-750 a couple months ago but with my balances rising my scores took a hit, and CSR, BCE, PRG are all around 3 months old so took a hit for new accounts as well.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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