Need advice on US Bank CLI plan and other matters

QuestionsNeed advice on US Bank CLI plan and other matters
Maisie Buckmaster asked 6 years ago

HI everyone,


In June, I applied for the US Bank Cash+, and they stuck me with the Cash Rewards Visa at a 2K limit.


Anyways, I am counting down the days until I can upgrade to the Cash+…my hope is that at the 6 month mark, they will bump me up to the Cash+ when it is CLI time. I have been running anywhere from 300-500$ through the card per month since getting it and paying in full, though that number will probably drop to around 150 for the next 3 statements


So at that sixth month mark, I am hoping to get the Cash+


Question 1) If you are familiar with US Bank policies- Based on this, does my goal of the Cash+ then seem reasonable? Reported income is 40k, my Fico score floats between 700-730 depending on the source.. Or, am I going to have to wait longer? Anyone with insight, that would be great.


The reason I ask this now is also because of this- at some point, I am considering apping for the Cap One Playstation card. If I did that before getting my CLI and upgrade to Cash+ with US bank, is that going to hurt my chances? If it may, I would rather just wait.


Some background info, I opened a card in februrary this year,  and then 3 in June, the third of which was the US bank, so now I am just gardening (rather contently too).


Question 2) Should I wait on the Playstation Card, or will apping now not make a difference?


My final question, I am also considering closing my Chase Amazon Card, because well (and you all gave me a fair warning) it sucks. I have kept it for a while to just keep building good history. I have had that card for a year. In total, I have 7 cards and wouldn’t mind closing this one. If I close it, would it hurt my ability to get that CLI with US Bank (its limit is 2.2k, it will only put a very slight dent in my utilization, so that is no bother).


Also, would I be better off NOT closing it? Making payments and charges every month is not a big deal, it takes 5 seconds with the spreadsheet I keep of my cards. I am more concerned  with overall credit health.


Question 3) Close the Chase Amazon, or don’t close the Chase Amazon? 


Thank you for all of the help!

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