Need advice on a tricky student loan problem

QuestionsNeed advice on a tricky student loan problem
Felipa Means asked 4 years ago

I recently went to a bank to try and obtain a loan for my business and because I am trying to rebuild my credit and my score I have been taking extra precautions on what I apply for. So I took a copy of my current credit report to the loan officer and had him look at it. He noticed that back in 2014 I had a 90 late payment on 4 student loan accounts.  That is accurate and I admiited I was late. The question is, that there are no 30 or 60 day lates showing up right before the 90 late showed up, so should I dispute this and try and get ir removed? I was on the phone last week with nelnet asking them to remove it out of goodwill and naturally I got a no. The crazy thing is back a couple years I hired lexington law to help me rebuild and I cannot remember if they got the 30 and 60 day lates removed from the same account, I believe they did but just cant remember. Should I dispute this? The last thing I want is for them to add them back on. If I do nothing then it will be 2021 before the 90 days late comes off my report. Any help is greatly appreciated! thanks!

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