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asked 4 years ago

Hello All

 Breif Background on myself being this is my very first post. I tarnished my credit at 18 with my first credit card I charged it up and didnt pay . I started trying to rebuild my credit about 2 years ago 2014 by then the orignal CC was about to fall off . Started with a 540 score couldnt get approved for jack squat. My first step was to get an Secured card upon reasearch I chose capital one Mastercard . was approved and deposited $ 200 to start, then another hundred for a CL of $ 300 an then they brought my CL up to $ 600 without me asking . I think was largely due to the fact I had opened a checking and savings with them during this time as well and had saved 5k in the savings account. I also aquired a Merrick bank Visa secured card CL $ 200 and still is today lol.

Next order of buisness was to dispute EVERYTHINGGGGG lol Looked right ,Looked Wrong I was taking a chance at it. I manage to get rid of maybe 6 items and was left with 3 that wouldnt budge . National Credit Systems was one. I was an still left with NCS & 2 Medical bills on my report . However I also got my score up to 690-700 via vantage I have yet to renew my sub with fico so not sure on that score although my CC shows me a fico score of 660’s

2 things are about to come into play and Im not sure whats going to happend to my score interesting to see. 1st . I was approved for Navy Federal Credit union Cash rewards signiture Visa with CL of 15,500 and Also Chase Freedom Unlimited CL of $ 500 directly after. I tried AMEX to but was denied . I am in the Army Reserves which accesses me to NFCU. I will try for amex again next year maybe .

2nd thing is Just Today few Hours ago I gave in an PAID IN FULL on National Credit Systems . ughhhh I fought them for literally months Trying to get a PFD deal they just wouldnt budge . They offered all the settlements in the World But would Not budge on the PFD. It was 3 years old on my report so still has another 4 years to go. NO the Clock didnt restart that is for payments toward a balance not a In Full payment . Its aways 7 years from date of deliquent status . Just to clarify Because there is bound to be someone missed informed about that matter. 

I Got a really Good job just last week I havent started yet because Im giving two week notice to my current job. But it requires me to Move into the city of Charlotte NC and It is hard pressed to get any type of rental with that stain on a report . Yes I tried private Owners and craiglist . You maybe surprised to know In big cities there are more stained renters than Private Owners which makes it very difficult . Every apartment complex I tried in last few weeks to months said youre credit is good we will rent to you but you have to pay this debt first .blahhhhh. Frankly its been the same story for years. roomate situations trying to find private owners and I just grew tired of the game. Im 27 yo these are prime years. I felt I need to take back control of my life and Become the wanted not the wanting anymore. So ,Yea I paid them off have mixed feelings about it. waiting to see my score drop , But I showed proof of payment to my top apartment of choice and they approved me . Its a big stres off my shoulders knowing I can go where I want now and I believe being close to my new job will pay for itself in time.Time.Time its all about Time I guess. thoughts,stories,questions? have at it

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