Mysterious Initial Fraud Alert On Credit Report

QuestionsMysterious Initial Fraud Alert On Credit Report
Janis Vernon asked 4 years ago

I received an alert from MyBankrate regarding my TU report  When I checked it on TU it  said the following:


Your credit report contains the following messages.
Initial Fraud Alert: Action may be required under FCRA before opening or modifying an account.
(Note: This alert is set to expire in 05/2017.)


I did not report any fraud on any of my accounts.  I attempted to do an online dispute regarding the message and was unable to launch an investigation from this area.  I checked the other two bureaus and did not find anything relative to fraud.  I did file a complaint on Comenity Bank recently with the CFPB but it was not relative to fraud.


I am not sure what this message means and who put it there. Any ideas on how to proceed? I would  like to get this off my report.

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